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While some may view acupuncture as a spa treatment, the reality is quite different. Acupuncture is a health care modality and preventative medicine that has been used for thousands of years across the globe, and it has been proven effective in research studies for chronic, painful conditions, cardiopulmonary disorders, fertility, diabetes, and so many more diseases.

If you have gotten acupuncture done before, you may have been asked a few questions, gotten some needles inserted, and then left in the treatment room to relax or doze off for the remainder of the session. At Laughing Tao, our treatments are often quite different.

We practice Classical Chinese Medicine, based on Daoist thought, tradition, and philosophy. Chinese medicine has become Westernized and has transformed substantially over the years, especially within the last century. It no longer reflects the nuance, consideration, and simplicity of the origins and Classic Texts of Chinese medicine. In contrast, our treatments follow the original protocols and teachings of some of the most ancient and successful practitioners. We also study regularly with and follow the teachings of contemporary, world-renowned practitioners of Classical Chinese Medicine, including Jeffrey Yuen, Alaine Duncan, Lonny Jarret, Ann Cecil-Sterman, and others.

What does this mean for your treatment? First, we will ask you questions about your health and lifestyle, and feel your pulse and look at your tongue. After this, we may apply some cups or do tuina-massage or guasha-scraping, and then begin inserting needles.  Each needle will receive some stimulation by hand, and several key needles for your state will have more manual manipulation, or we may stimulate the needles with a gentle, electrical pulse.  We may also warm different points on the body with moxa, to stimulate the needles or to stimulate blood flow in that area. We also give our patients simple take-home tips to begin to integrate into their lifestyle so they can feel well in between treatments, as well as possibly also recommending herbal formulas to help correct any internal imbalances.

We never insert needles anywhere you don’t want them inserted, and your comfort and safety is our highest priority. We will generally stay in the room with you for the majority of your treatment session, performing the modalities described above and ensuring you are comfortable. After the treatment, we encourage our patients to stay a few extra minutes to reset.

Sometimes after a treatment one can feel sleepy or hungry. We have granola bars, water, and tea available, as well as comfortable couches and a warm treatment table to relax on. It is also not uncommon to begin crying, menstruating, or feeling like you need to urinate or defecate while on the treatment table. We will always leave you with a button that you can press to call us should we leave the room. We also have a bathroom fully stocked with any toiletries you need to feel ready to move on with your day, including flushable wipes, menstrual pads and tampons, hair ties, dry shampoo, moisturizer, and more.

And how do we keep the house quiet and clean with six kids? Well, lots of patience and training from mom and dad. While you may see a couple kids here and there, they are good kids who have grown up with acupuncture, and have even received acupuncture and herbs themselves. In addition, patient areas are cleaned and disinfected daily. We prioritize having a warm, comforting, and clean environment and a positive atmosphere for both our family and our patients.

If you do not enjoy our style of acupuncture and would prefer to see a different clinician, we are more than happy to recommend an acupuncturist that will help you reach your health goals, though we do hope you enjoy your treatment with us. If you have any questions about your treatment, please call us at 309.839.0196 or email You may also book a free, 15-minute virtual consultation at

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