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How Acupuncture Supports the Healing of Trauma

Everyone experiences trauma. It doesn't matter whether you witnessed the passing of a loved one, whether you were bullied, or whether you fell out of a tree you climbed when you were six. The body and our immediate, visceral emotional responses do not understand the layers of severity of a negative experience. To the body, each traumatic experience triggers danger signals that we interpret as our lives being threatened.

How we later work that trauma into the narrative of our lives, however, DOES make a difference in our ability to heal from those deeply impactful negative experiences. In the long run, and with enough work, we may even be able to view the trauma as a lending a fundamental piece in shaping the beautiful person we have become.

One's perspective on their self, life, relationships, and how they live has a profound effect on overall health. And yet, too often those with chronic pain, migraines, allergies, and other health struggles refuse to acknowledge that their mental state has anything to do with the state of their body.

The body often serves as a potent metaphor for the impact of the negative experience we have lived through. If you have digestive issues, you may want to ask yourself: What can't you 'stomach'? What are you having trouble 'digesting,' or processing? What do you need to let go of? With autoimmune diseases, you may want to consider if you're fighting yourself, or if you have trouble trusting yourself. Why is that? And what are your core beliefs about yourself?

Those are just a couple examples. Too often people deny their own emotions, or attribute their emotions to worrying about the disease they struggle with. But it's more helpful to instead tune into the story they are telling themselves about themselves, their lives, and their relationships. The story is often very deeply ingrained.

Acupuncture helps in a very literal way, by releasing the emotions that have become suppressed in the body - what manifests as a disease state. We accomplish this through needles, or through bloodletting with small lancets. Acupuncture opens up your heart and mind to begin to process emotions and old patterns of thinking. This can be very frightening for some people, and for others, it's just what they need.

Regardless, we are here to walk with you as you navigate your body and heart both.

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